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Drip Coffee and Tumbler Bundle (Highlander Coffee x Colorfull Store)

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Pair our bestselling tumbler with Highlander Coffee x Colorfull Store Single-serve Drip Coffee sachets, and you're in for a treat. The single-serve format guarantees a fresh and delightful cup every time, with no mess or hassle.

Blend: Quattro

Highlander Coffee's signature blend - 100% Arabica coffee (medium-dark roasted) bwith a fine balance of origins from Latin America, Central America, Eastern Arabia and Indonesia.

This blend exhibits a fine balance of acidity, richness, body, crema and aroma. Highly refined coffee for the more discerning and those who love straight espressos! This highly popular house blend is served daily at Highlander Coffee Espresso Bar.

This bundle includes:

Instructions for use:

  1. Gather Your Equipment:

    • Highlander x Colorfull Single Serve Drip Coffee sachet
    • Mini Pocket Tumbler or any mug
    • Hot water (just off the boil)

  2. Prepare Your Coffee: Tear open the Highlander x Colorfull Single-serve Drip Coffee sachet along the marked line, exposing the coffee grounds.

  3. Set Up the Drip Filter: Unfold the paper drip filter attached to the sachet, making sure the bottom edges are fully opened and resting securely on the rim of your tumbler or mug.

  4. Pre-Wet the Coffee Grounds: Pour a small amount of hot water over the coffee grounds, just enough to wet them. Allow the coffee to "bloom" for about 30 seconds. This process releases trapped gases and enhances flavor extraction.

  5. Brew Your Coffee: Slowly pour the remaining hot water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion. Aim to saturate all the grounds evenly. The water will pass through the grounds, extracting the rich flavors as it drips into your mug or tumbler below.

  6. Be Patient and Enjoy: Allow the coffee to drip fully into your mug or tumbler. This process may take a few minutes, but it's worth the wait. Once the dripping stops, remove the filter, and your single serve drip coffee is ready to be savored.

  7. Customize to Taste (Optional): Add milk, cream, sugar, or any other desired flavorings to personalize your coffee experience.

  8. Dispose of the Coffee Grounds: After brewing, discard the used coffee grounds and paper filter responsibly.

Directions for use also printed behind each sachet

About Highlander Coffee Pte Ltd | Established in 2004, Highlander Coffee is a pioneer in Singapore's gourmet coffee scene. Highlander Coffee provides quality espresso coffee machines to F&B establishments, offices, and homes. With their coffee education and workshops, we've trained and inspired thousands of professionals and coffee enthusiasts since our inception.

Visit their exclusive Highlander Espresso Bar for your daily dose of delicious coffee! Their mission is to make your coffee experience simple, seamless, offering personalized service and reliable after-sales technical support. Consistently good coffee is our commitment to you. ☕🇸🇬 #HighlanderCoffee #GourmetCoffee #CoffeeEducation #EspressoBar

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