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Lilac Vine (Aquajellie x Colorfull)

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*Note: All Aquajellie x Colorfull nail polishes are made to order, they will be sent separately from Aquajellie's end. *Extra shipping fees may apply.

Add some super fun colours to your nails with our collaboration line of nail polishes created by @Aquajellie - inspired by our favorite macaron highlighter! Comes in 6 x fruity and pastel colors, each made with just four ingredients. Safe for kids!

Volume: 10ml

Cleaner than traditional polish.

Longer-lasting than water-based polish.

  • Aquajellie does not contain any chemicals that give off harmful and pungent smelling vapours like normal nail polish. Say goodbye to annoying headaches and irritated noses with this odourless formula.
  • Is a peel-off formula so that you can avoid using nail polish remover (acetone) to clean it off, leaving your nails and surrounding skin healthier.
  • Contains 0.05% Hyaluronic acid that is widely used in your everyday skincare routine. Hyaluronic contains moisture retaining properties, keeping your nails nourished and cuticles moisturised!

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Apply the polish onto your clean and dry nails in smooth strokes and seal the tip of your nail after each application. Repeat for about 2-3 coats to ensure that the polish is thick enough to peel off when you want to! The thicker the coat, the easier the peel! 🍌

No base coat is required and a top coat is optional.

Dries by air and does not require UVLED lamp to cure.  

About Nail DeckAquajellie

Nail Deck was founded in 2011 offering the highest quality customised nail lacquers to suit the ever demanding needs and wants of their varied customer base. Today they are a beauty brand that aims to create a world where anyone and everyone can celebrate their individual uniqueness through colour! Nail Deck is also committed to being environmentally sustainable with Mission One Billion; and their formulations are 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and meet the highest and strictest regulations.

Aquajellie is born from the need that didn’t require toxic solvents like ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. Something that didn’t require oil-based derivatives like nitrocellulose. Aquajellie is a clean, odourless and peelable nail polish by Nail Deck - Made with just four ingredients!


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