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Pocket Painter Grab Bag (Ages 3-5)

Pocket Painter Grab Bag (Ages 3-5)

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Let your creativity soar with our Creative Painter's Bundle! This set provides something for everyone to explore. From unicorn dreams to animal adventures, this bundle is perfect for unleashing expression and creating new memories. Get painting and let your imagination run wild!

This Bundle includes (depending on the gender chosen):

  • Girls: 1 x Unicorn Dreams Watercolour Painting Book (Ages 3-99)
  • Boys: 1 x Dino Expedition Watercolour Painting Book  (Ages 3-99)
  • Gender-neutral: 1 x Animal Adventures Watercolour Painting Book (Ages 3-99)


  • 2 x Playful Token Treats


This artistic wonder is crafted to deliver the joy of painting to both adults and little ones alike, anytime, anywhere! 

Available in four popular themes - Dino ExpeditionUnicorn DreamsAnimal Adventures (ages 3-99); and Flora & Fauna (ages 6-99).

Eliminating the need for additional painting materials, Pocket Painter is ideal for spontaneous painting sessions on the go. Carry the magic of convenience and creativity with you wherever life takes you, whether on flights, road trips, or travels. The Pocket Painter invites you to redefine the way you experience art - unleash your inner artist!

The Pocket Painter includes:

  • 1 x Waterbrush Pen
  • 20 x Themed Illustrated Pages
  • 9 x Watercolour Swatches per page
  • 2 x Blank Pages with Water Colour Swatches

Simply squeeze the waterbrush let your creativity flow!

Stress Relief for All Ages - Pocket Painter is suitable for ages 3 to 99, providing a therapeutic and anxiety-relieving activity that can be enjoyed by both children, adults and even elderly.

Multipurpose Masterpiece - Completed paintings in Pocket Painter double as unique bookmarks, adding a personalized touch to your favorite books. Extend your creativity beyond the canvas, making your artwork a functional and delightful addition to your reading adventures.

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